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Last post I reported on the state of my desk and its designation as the pit of despair.  Well apparently the pit has become some sort of black hole and the spring cleaning by has hit my wife.  Yesterday, we (read she) decided that every room needed to be gutted, rearranged and cleaned.  I guess I should just be glad that we didn’t have to paint the walls.

During this frenzy of cleanliness, everything seems to be moving.  Because of that I decided we have too many pieces of furniture for the space we have.  Some things are being combined, some moved altogether.  That is the case for the pit of despair, er my desk.  I have moved down a level and this seems to be my new home.  It still has some of the advantages of the other spot, fairly central, can see the kids, but it is lower.  and bigger.  and it makes our living room not look like a pile of paper and crap.

So, much like a black hole, the Pit of Despair has moved.  And that vacuum over there, well that is what I would like to do with ours so I didn’t have to use it.  Too bad we have hardwood floors.

Now I want to hear from all of you.  What do you do for spring cleaning?  How extensive do you go?  just this weekend we have started a total “Garage Ectomy” that includes a complete overhaul.  This would not be so bad if not for the fact that our garage is our storage unit.  And that storage unit was poorly packed in July of last year.  And many of the boxes are deteriorating.  And the place is a disaster.

But we need to clean out the garage, so we can clean out the toys, so we can clean out the kids room and rearrange the bedroom situation.  Twitch Twitch.  Anyway, what do you do for spring cleaning?

Let me know.


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  1. What I dread is the moment my wife decides that it is warm enough to sit outside because then she begins to notice all the eyesores around the back yard.  They might be plants that just haven’t noticed that Spring has come but it is more likely to be tools that are lying around where they will be most useful when I get around to gardening.  That isn’t so bad but once she starts, she can’t help but look at the side yard which is my staging area and therefore untidy.  We will clean the garage once it is warm enough,
    I guess I should be grateful that she never picked up the notion of spring cleaning.  Don’t you say a word to her.

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